The skin is the largest organ on the body. It is the first line of defence against many illnesses and it is the defining barrier between us and the outside world. The body’s health is often written in the skin and treating it as a whole system is a smart move towards holistic health and ongoing weight management.

The team at Incredible You have put together a series of treatments that will help to firm, condition and re-hydrate the skin, whilst allowing you time to relax and unwind.


Each of the treatments created at Germaine de Cappuccini have been handpicked from centuries of therapies and techniques from around the world.

Based in Spain, their laboratories are one of the most advanced in Europe, using the latest technologies and the best natural ingredients. Working to pharmaceutical manufacturing standards, all products and treatments are subject to rigorous effectiveness of skincare and medical aesthetic treatments, ensuring extremely high end customer satisfaction.

Phytocare Baobab Ritual
1 hr £60

An energising full body massage and exfoliation.Using ethically sourced Baobab Seed Oil, this African inspired full body massage promises an invigorating stress reducing experience. The blend of natural oils provide anti-inflammatory benefits, a reduction in stretch marks and increased skin elasticity making it the ideal Pregnancy body treatment. Completing with an energising leg treatment.


NEOM Unique Wellbeing Treatments

Neom treatments have been created to provide long lasting wellbeing benefits, these four treatments have been developed to help with four key areas: Sleep – Stress – Energy Levels – Mood.

To prepare your body and mind each experience begins with a specific guided meditation, followed by a treatment which draws together the most effective of 6 therapies: Meditation – Shiatsu – Cranio – Thai Massage – Trigger Point – Reflexology

NEOM Wellbeing Energise Treatment
1 hr £80

This wellbeing treatment is designed to awaken the senses and re-energise the body and mind.

Using changes in temperature, speed of touch and different  textures we can stimulate the body’s immune system and help to detox the lymphatic system energising the whole body and mind and leave you feeling picked up, relaxed, revived and ready for anything.

This treatment also includes a body scrub and a cream clay body wrap to help detoxify.

NEOM Wellbeing Happiness Treatment
1 hr £80

It might be a subjective state, but data shows us that positive mood, optimism and humour are all linked to better health and wellbeing.

This balancing and reviving treatment is about taking good care of yourself with a touch from head to toe which will lift spirits and leave you with a positive state of mind.

The treatment begins by using our Great Day Body Scrub where you will be buffed from top to bottom using a combination of invigorating oil and sugar to leave your skin totally hydrated, super soft and feeling amazing.

Lie back, relax and let us re-balance your energy flow whilst we focus on key areas of tension to re-new a brighter and happier you.

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